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Newsletter April 2018

Swiftium Introduces New Website

In March, we unveiled the new Swiftium website with a more intuitive layout that is easier to navigate.   Find the services and products you need easily.





New Setup Wizard 

SwiftLeads has a new wizard to set up your show.  This improved setup wizard makes it easier to create and customize your show.  You may continue to use the old wizard, but we highly recommend using the updated version.  

Access the Setup Wizard through your Client Login. On the event selection page, click the green Create Event button.

Select Your App Colors 

You now have the option to select the colors for the buttons and background in the SwiftLeads Enterprise Android app.  Use this new function to make the app match your company or event colors.  Streamline the look and feel of your show with your colors.  

In the Setup Wizard app colors are an option.

New SwiftLeads Professional Edition

The new SwiftLeads Professional app is designed specifically for shows where exhibitors download the app to their own phones.  This version of SwiftLeads has been honed and simplified to provide a better user experience for camera shows. There are fewer parameters to be set so the exhibitor is ready to generate leads with minimal setup.  

Download from Google Play or the Apple App Store directly to your phone.

New Optional Name Search Setting

A show can now be set up with the ability to search for an attendee by name in the local database, then select and add them as a lead instead of scanning an ID badge.  When all the show data is stored on the device, leads can be searched by name rather than by barcode. This option must be selected by show organizers during setup.  

Use the new Setup Wizard to set this parameter, select Registrant Lookup as a capture method for the show.

When using the app, access the name search from the main screen: for Android devices click the magnifying glass; for iOS click the Search button.

Picture Fields

SwiftLeads has added support for face snapshots in the database.  During event setup, all images are uploaded onto the device.  Then as attendees are scanned, their faces appear along with their ID information on the device. Pictures can be used during session control and lead generation.  They can also be viewed from the Reporting Portal.

Images can be uploaded during registration by URL link, Base64 encoding, or by downloading from a supported registration API sync.  Field Images must be uploaded to the Swiftium system ahead of time and cannot be encoded in the capture data.  This can be done using the event configuration wizard.   

Session Capacity

As attendees are scanned into a session, the device will display the percent full in a green progress bar.  This option is only available on Android devices. To enable the session capacity progress bar, in the Setup Wizard under Scanner Options/Mobile Options, under the subheading Attendance Tracking Options, click the boxes for Session Room Capacity and for Room Capacity Color Scale.

Instructional Images in SwiftLeads Enterprise

The main screen of SwiftLeads Enterprise has the capacity to display instructional images.  The images show users how to utilize the SwiftLeads app.  In the setup wizard during show set up, on the SwiftLeads Appearance page, you can upload your own images or use ours.  

SMS Notifications

SMS notifications are now available as an option for organizers to include in show setup. Show organizers can use this system in the Onsite Inventory system to send a text message to all exhibitors simultaneously, for example telling them to pick up their rental devices.  Individual exhibitors can also be contacted via text message. The SMS system can also be used to send messages to all attendees of a particular session providing a link to session related information, or to paperless handouts or a web link, for example.

New Parameters

  1. The Note field has been moved below the lead data by default.
  2. Improved manual entry for SwiftLeads Enterprise edition.  Manual entry of leads is optional and can be enabled/disabled during setup.
  3. New parameter automatically opens the camera scanner after a scan is saved, so you are ready to scan the next lead immediately.


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