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Newsletter June 2018

Session Updates:

Access Control by Logic Rules

Use logic rules to provide access control to sessions according to logic rather than by access control tokens. Access control tokens can also be used in combination with logic rules.  

Rather than attendees simply being registered for a session, the organizer can impose rules that the attendee must meet in order to be granted access to the session. For example, an access control rule might be that all attendees whose first name contains the letter A have automatic access to a particular session. The rule or rules can also be used in tandem with session registration.  This would, in the above example, allow people whose names don’t contain the letter A access to the session so long as they are registered for it.


SMS Notifications for Sessions

Organizers can send session related text messages to session registrants and attendees.  This feature can be used, for example, to send out a session reminder, to alert attendees to a change of venue, or to provide session related information such as handouts, URLs, or other materials.

Swiftium sends the notifications through either our own Tropo account or the client’s Tropo account. These notifications can be scheduled to go out at a specified date and time. Recipients are subscribed to the notifications upon being registered for or scanned into a session that has notifications configured. Sessions can have different numbers of SMS notifications.  For example, one session might have three notification messages while another might only have one or none at all.


SwiftLeads allows supported systems to include a Passkit button in an email template.

Event organizers can send a Passkit link to customers through the Onsite Inventory. This can be useful, for example, if organizers want to email all customers a Passkit containing a barcode that identifies their registration profile.

 Passkit is a very broad system module that can be used in many different situations.

Digital Signage

Using the Swiftium Session Digital Signage Module, attendees can be aware of the current capacity of a session in real time. This module is HTML based with an angularJS engine allowing for the most intricate digital signs.

Etouches Sync: Time Spent in Session

Automatically calculate how many minutes an individual spent in a session using in/out scanning. This calculation can be stored in an etouches attendee information field, allowing reports to be generated in the etouches system.  This functionality works only with etouches syncs at this time.

License Updates:

SwiftLeads License API

Easily manage your event’s SwiftLeads licenses from the comfort of your own system using Switium RESTful API. Create, update, delete and fetch licenses easily from any integrated system. Documentation can be found on PostMan. https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/884960/swiftium-license/RW8AmnyZ

Lead Updates:

View and Edit Booth Leads from all Apps/Devices in your Booth

It is no longer necessary to make changes on the original device that captured a lead. Swiping the lead list to the left from any device registered to the same booth will reveal the Booth Leads tab which lists all leads captured by every device in your booth. Simply selecting one of those leads will enable you to make changes to the lead that will be reflected across all other devices in the booth.  This makes it easy to modify leads that were captured by another person at your booth.

Data Protection Policy Updated

Swiftium has updated our Data Protection Policy to comply with changes to the European Union GDPR.  We take seriously the responsibility to protect our customers’, clients’, and registrants’ privacy rights through rigorous attention to security and encryption of the data we handle.

Swiftium Data Protection Policy


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