E-Literature Email System

The Swiftium e-literature system is an add-on feature of qualifiers. The exhibitor can attach a file or a URL to a qualifier answer. Upon qualifying an attendee with an e-literature enabled answer, the attendee will receive an email with the attached files/URLs.

Feature Summary


All e-literature attachments are tracked links which allows exhibitors to run analytic reports on which attendees viewed and opened their e-literature attachments.

Custom Email Template

The event organizer has the option to grant exhibitors access to modify the e-literature email message template that is sent to the attendee.

Delayed Sending

The event organizer has the option to delay the e-literature emails from being sent immediately upon capture.

Delaying the e-literature emails can result in a higher email open rate.

Custom SMTP Sender

By default, the Swiftium SMTP account will be used to send e-literature emails. Event organizers can overwrite this with their custom SMTP account.