Reporting Portal

The Swiftium Reporting Portal offers a comprehensive set of predefined reports, custom reports and visually appealing graphs that summarize captured transaction data for an event manager or exhibitor.

Visualize Captured Data

The Swiftium state of the art reporting web app creates detailed graphs and charts depicting your event's data.

Download Reports

Reports can be downloaded in the following file formats:

  • .XLSX
  • .CSV
  • .TXT

Push Data to

Captured transactions can be pushed into your account as leads using our integration wizard. Using this tool, you can map captured fields to your lead fields.

Feature Summary

Session Reporting

  • Session overall attendance
  • Session attendance per day
  • Attendee session timestamps (row and column reports available)

Overall and per day session attendance reports provide a quick and simple way to obtain total attendance for all sessions.

There are several types of attendance reports available for download in table format. All reports will contain attendee information, attended session, and the time of capture.

Row reports will have a row for each time an attendee attended a session. The attendee data will be duplicated for each session attended.

Column reports will have a one row per attendee. There will be a column designated for each session tracked. The time of capture will be placed in the column cell which the attendee attended.

Captured Lead Reporting

Exhibitors and managers can download their captured leads in table format. The leads will contain the exhibitor's notes and qualifiers about the lead at the time of capture.

Manager reports are comprised of all leads captured at an event. Exhibitors only have access to their own captured leads.

The lead data fields can differ per user, allowing the manager to access all lead data fields, while exhibitors are limited to a predefined set of lead fields. The lead field sets may be customized by the event manager for each attendee.