SwiftLeads Mobile App

The SwiftLeads application is an AIO (all in one) event app. Its versatility gives it the ability to be used for session attendance tracking and lead retrieval at the touch of a button.

Cloud Based

All transactions captured with the SwiftLeads app are sent to the Swiftium cloud system.

Multi platform

The SwiftLeads app is available on both iOS and Android app stores.

Highly Flexible

Unlike other apps on the market, the SwiftLeads app can be configured to fit any event's needs.

Feature Summary


Exhibitors can be given the option to create custom qualifiers for their app. Qualifiers consist of yes/no questions which can have additional follow-up questions. The follow-up questions can be either a free form textbox or a checkbox.

Qualifiers have the option of being mandatory, forcing the exhibitor to answer the mandatory qualifiers before capturing another transaction.


The Swiftium e-literature system is an add-on feature of qualifiers. The exhibitor can attach a file or a URL to a qualifier answer. Upon qualifying an attendee with an e-literature enabled answer, the attendee will receive an email with attached files/URLs.

The event organizer has the option to grant access for the exhibitor to modify the e-literature email message template that is sent to the attendee.

Capture Methods

Multiple methods of capture are supported by the SwiftLeads app:

  • Barcode scanning with a smartphone camera or a Swiftium bluetooth scanner.
  • NFC tags can be read with NFC enabled Andriod smartphones.
  • Manually entering an attendee's information.
  • Searching for an attendee by first and last name.

The organizer who configures the SwiftLeads app's setup dictates which methods are available to the app users.


Need a hard copy of all transactions captured with the SwiftLeads app? Android smartphones can be Bluetooth paired with a Swiftium printer which prints every transaction immediately upon capture.

Session SMS

Configure a custom SMS message for one or more sessions at your event. Upon scanning an attendee into a session, an SMS will be sent to that attendee with the message that was specified for that particular session.

Live Session Capacity

A limited number of seats available for a particular session? The SwiftLeads app will live report the current occupancy of the session.

Exhibitor Licenses

Exhibitors can create a license that is valid for a specified number of uses at the event.

Exhibitors can download the SwiftLeads app from the app store and use the license activation code to setup the SwiftLeads for a specific event.

Email Follow-Up

Exhibitor licenses can be configured with automatic email follow-up functionality. Exhibitors will be given access to the exhibitor portal where they may specify a custom email to be automatically sent to captured leads.


A free form textbox is available for every transaction captured with the SwiftLeads app, allowing for a brief note to be taken about the transaction.