Integration Sync System

The Swiftium portal offers many integration syncs with various registration companies in the events industry. This integration module is free to use with your events, allowing for the highest level of flexibility when it comes to your event's registration data source.

Interval Syncing

The Integration Sync System will sync with an integration partner system at specific intervals.

Multiple Integrations

A growing library of integrations is available for the Swiftium system. Allowing Swiftium to integrate with your system can drive our customers to use your platform.

Highly Flexible

Unlike other systems on the market that have static integrations, Swiftium allows every event to build a custom integration through our integration wizard builder.

Feature Summary

Registration Data Source

Configure your integration sync to pull a particular set of fields from your registration event into your Swiftium event.

Session Access Control Token Generation

Providing an attendee's session selections will enable Swiftium to generate customized access control tokens.

Event Check-In

Upon capturing an attendee with the SwiftLeads app, that attendee will automatically be logged as having attended the event in the integration system.

Session Check-In

Upon capturing an attendee as attending a session with the SwiftLeads app, that attendee will automatically be logged as having attended a particular session in the integration system.

Transaction Forwarding

An event's transactions can automatically be sent to your system. Swiftium supports two methods for transaction forwarding. Swiftium can integrate with your API to send transactions to you. The second method is the simplest and the fastest way. Provide Swiftium with an endpoint URL that will accept transactions. All transactions will automatically be sent there.