Onsite Inventory System

Swiftium's free On-site Inventory is a web based inventory management software that streamlines the on-site process by striving to remove human error from inventory management.

Customer Organization

Track customer purchase quantities and contact information as well whether they have checked out their rental equipment.

Web Based Application

No additional hardware setup required! Simply access the On-site Inventory anywhere at any time through a web browser.

Send SMS

The On-site inventory framework is integrated with Tropo SMS, allowing you to send custom text messages to one or more customers using your Tropo SMS account.


Import exhibitor contact information from your MapYourShow event. This enables your exhibitors to automatically log into the Swiftium Reporting Portal from their MapYourShow portal.

Feature Summary

Multi Event Support

Manage multiple events at the same time.

Customer Information Management

Create customer profiles for each event. Profiles contain contact information, notes, purchase quantities and a SwiftLeads License (if applicable).

Products are defined for the event, by the event manager. These products definitions are used to store the quantity purchased.

Optionally, a SwiftLeads License can be bound to a customer's profile. This enables on-site staff to conveniently setup a customers' SwiftLeads app without having to look up the SwiftLeads License from another source.

Rental Tracking

A customer's profile can be used to track rental equipment. This is done by entering/scanning the the equipment's identifer/barcode into the check-out box.

There are five predefined item types for rental equipment check-out. Phone, Tablet, Scanner, Charger and Printer.


Lead Portal Login

Login Email

Printable Receipts

Account Level Access


Custom Fields

If the customer profile default data fields might lack the data fields your event requires, custom event data fields can be defined to meet your event's specific requirements.

  • Company
  • Booth
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • On-site Contact Name
  • Notes
  • Small Text (Single Line)
  • Paragraph (Multi-Line)
  • Dropdown
  • Multiple Choice (Radio)
  • Number
  • Date Time

Equipment Check-in

The process of checking-in rental equipment can be a tedious and time consuming task. Checking-in equipment with the Swiftium On-site inventory system is a speedy and easy process.

Simply entering/scanning rental equipment, from any customer, into the check-in box will mark the equipment as checked-in for those customers.

Upon checking equipment in, a summary of the customer's inventory will be displayed. The summary will indicate any outstanding equipment using color a indicator along with the current amount checked-in vs. the total amount checked-out.

Check-in summaries have the ability to print a receipt. This receipt will indicate whether there was any outstanding equipment.