About Swiftium

Swiftium offers many event driven services. Swiftium is your event's one stop shop for rental software and hardware technologies.

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At Swiftium, we work closely with our clients to fully understand their requirements, taking the time to dial-in a solution that meets all their specifications.

Solution doesn't yet exist? Swiftium will develop a custom solution! Many of the solutions in our arsenal were client driven. Our pool of solutions is constantly expanding, offering you a wide variety of potential options.

Every customer's journey is nonlinear and presents a variety of challenges. Swiftium tackles these complex tasks working closely with our clients to ensure a smooth transition from event planning, to execution, to finalized reports.

Using Swiftium as your technology partner at your next event will generate measurable ROI.


Since its inception, Swiftium has been at the forefront of lead retrieval solutions. Our intuitive SwiftLeads app allows you to generate leads with your own smartphone (available for iPhone & Android).

We use the latest technology for reading barcodes, as no other device on the market can compare to the quality of our barcode readers.

Swiftium develops all its hardware and software in the USA allowing us to immediately customize our products in-house to your specifications.

No matter what your business, function, or conference requires, Swiftium is your go-to in the events industry.

Swiftium engineers its scanning hardware in house. Internal engineering allows Swiftium to develop custom hardware to meet clients' needs at an incredible speed; a speed that cannot be matched anywhere else in the industry.

Supported Barcode Symbologies

Most 1D and 2D barcodes are supported, including high density codes, direct part numbers and parsed driver's licenses or other identification documents.

Common Barcode Symbologies Swiftium encounters in the event industry (listed from most to least common):

  • QR Code
  • Code 128
  • Code 39
  • PDF417
  • Aztec
Swiftium Bluetooth scanner photo Smartphone is not built into the scanner hardware.

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Swiftium offers its SwiftLeads event app that can be configured for any events needs. Including Session Attendance Tracking, Session Access Control, Ticketing and Lead Retrieval.

If you can think it...Swiftium can make it a reality.


Lead Retrieval

Capture, qualify, and take notes on your leads using the Swiftleads application. All leads are stored on the cloud as well as in the SwiftLeads application, making follow-up easy.

Attendance Session Tracking

Want to know who attended what at your event? This is the solution for you, offering organized management for each of your sessions. We offer live session count as well as detailed reports for each session.


Our ticketing option allows you to control which sessions a ticket is granted access to through the use of a ticket allowance. Attendees will be granted or denied admission to a session depending on their ticket options.

Session Access Control

Similar to ticketing, this feature allows you to control who is allowed into which sessions. We use unique access tokens bound to attendees to dictate whether that attendee should be granted or denied access to particular sessions.

Online Registration

Don't sweat over registration. We can help you through the registration process with powerful tools to handle all your registration needs.

On-site Registration

We offer tools for on-site registration as well, allowing you to easily register last minute attendees. On-site registraiton enables you to maximize the number of people at your event.

Badge Printing

Why pay more for a badge printing solution when it is included in the registration? Here at Swiftium, we provide all the tools necessary to make your event a success.


We provide custom, in depth reports to all of our clients, ensuring all the information you need is neatly organized. Reports can be downloaded in the following formats: .xlsx, .txt, and .csv

Let's Work Together!


Swiftium offers various rental hardware and software systems.


Attendee Interactive

Need CEU attendance tracking at your event/conference? Use Swiftium solutions in combination with the AI platform to distribute certificates efficiently.


Swiftium and Cvent work closely together to develop seamless integration solutions that cover all aspects of event needs.


Aventri/eTouches is one of Swiftium's most integrated partners, spanning many aspects of event requirements.


Sync registration information with the Swiftium system in real time.


Selling tickets with EventBrite? Swiftium solutions are directly integrated with the EventBrite platform allowing you to validate tickets seamlessly.


Simplify the exhibitor experience by utilizing MapYourShow with Swiftium solutions! Allows lead portal access directly from the MapYourShow exhibitor portal.